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Dear Visitors, welcome to MyWorld.Aero the home of general aviation. Let us introduce ourselves: we are a team of passionate aviation enthusiasts, who gather information about virtually every aspect of general aviation here in our directory which is open to the public for free. We collect first hand data only and never rely on third party lists. Should you however encounter inaccuracies, please, let us know so that we can correct those. All categories have been carefully selected to reflect the exciting world of aviation. There are multiple ways of finding relevant entries. You can type into the search field the name of what you are looking for, or click on the icons and select from drop down menus to narrow down results. Our team researches the entire globe, therefore you can see that we try and organise most categories by countries, their respective regions and towns. We use ICAO codes for airports as well as aircraft designators in order to avoid confusion about names and languages. Our goal is to create a structured and accurate account of as many members of the general aviation community as practically possible. We hope that you will find MyWorld.Aero useful to you and that it will become your aviation information resource which you can also share with your friends and colleagues. Please, enjoy your visit and write to us with your comments and suggestions, we are always eager to learn and improve.

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